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Castle karlštejn

Hrad KarlštejnKarlštejn CastleThe foundation stone of this castle was laid by Archbishop Arnošt of Pardubice on 10 June 1348 in the presence of many important nobles of the Kingdom of Bohemia. It was originally built as an impregnable fortress and functioned as the treasury of the imperial coronation jewels.

Křivoklát Castle

KřivoklátKřivoklát For the reign of Přemysl Otakar II. a large, magnificent royal castle was built, which was significantly rebuilt by Wenceslas IV. and later generously completed by Vladislav Jagellonský.


Castle Točník

Hrad TočníkTočník CastleTočník is a building that was supposed to fulfill mainly representative tasks. It is probably the oldest aristocratic castle with two round towers. After Wenceslas reconstruction it became one of the most beautiful residences in the country.

Žebrák Castle

Hrad ŽebrákŽebrák CastleThe castle gained particular importance especially since 1346, when Charles IV. elected king of the empire.



Svinaře Chateau

Zámek SvinařeSvinaře chateauAt the place of the chateau there used to stand a fortress, which can be expected to be built as early as the 14th century. The fortress was used by the owners until the beginning of the 16th century, when, because the owners Svinař lived elsewhere, ceased to be used.

Hořovice Chateau

Zámek HořoviceHořovice Chateau A very beautiful and interesting Sun Gate with statues by M.B.Braun and a Baroque fountain moved from Wenceslas Square in Prague in 1848.


Krakovec Castle

Hrad KrakovecKrakovec CastleThe aristocratic castle founded in 1381. In the castle chapel the Mass Jan Hus served.


Lany Castle

Zámek LányLány ChateauThe Baroque chateau in the village of Lány amid the Křivoklát forests near Prague is the official summer residence of the Presidents of the Czech Republic.
The chateau is not open to the public.

Chateau Mnisek pod Brdy

Zámek Mníšek pod BrdyChateau Mníšek pod BrdyThe chateau in the late Renaissance style was built between 1656 - 1672. It was reopened to the public in 2006.